El Paso Opera wanted to bring its artform into the lives of a wider group of people, allowing Opera to be exciting and more approachable. This new outlook had to be paired with a new identity.  Their previous identity fell in line with the idea of exclusivity, we worked with them to create a fresh new identity that was approachable, understandable, and unique to El Paso and the El Paso Opera.

Designed while at Studio Mast  / CD Travis Ladue & Jacob Trahan / Project contracted by Aidan James ​​​​​​​
The El Paso Opera had enough of this preconceived notion of what Opera should or should not be. They created new Operas, such as the first Mariachi Opera, as well as reinterpreting the old favorites. Taking advantage of their climate, they moved the locations of the shows around town. Often finding themselves in an open-air theater. We brought together playfulness, seriousness, and the vibrancy of the area to create an identity that would be engaging to all.
The landscape and architecture of El Paso was the inspiration for the pattern system. Creating a mix of hard lines and organic forms to create a cohesive pattern that felt as exciting and diverse as the city and its people.
Much like the palette and pattern, the symbol finds its inspiration in the surrounding region. However, it also finds inspiration in the construction of the theater. The “steps” allude to the interaction between the crowd and the stage. Allowing the people of El Paso to take one step closer to the show. This duality can be seen in the construction of the mark itself, combining a traditional symbol with a wordmark to create a strong shape that will quickly be legible and recognizable.

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